We offer a full-service Credit Education, Debt & Money Management  program with the most comprehensive personal and effective services available. We make your Money Count and get you to your goal! We offer educational classes to help you understand how credit and money works.  We utilize Services specific to your individual credit, money or debt need and apply available tools and techniques.

Money 4 Life is a full-service program that aims to empower our clients to experience self-expansion so you can stop trading your life for money (overtime, double time, 2nd job, etc.) just to pay your bills, but to MAKE YOUR MONEY WORK for you. We offer education and training not only on credit, but also on debt and money management skills. We believe individuals need the necessary skills to manage their money, debt and credit, while seeking to enhance their economic strength and knowledge towards your Financial goals. We offer tremendous knowledge and experience in educating, training, and motivating individuals to apply basic steps and techniques in improving their economic stability. This training and education is administered through workshops, seminars and private consultations. CONTACT US for details.



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